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Welcome, summer!

Good morning! I hope your weekend was as fantastic as it was long.
We squeezed every bit out of this weekend and I have that happy, tired, bug-bitten feeling that can only mean summer is here.
On Saturday we met some good friends at the zoo. Michael and I were totally into the animals the whole time. 
Luckily, Tim picked up the camera and I am so glad he did. I love having pictures of Michael and me together.
These photos were taken inside the deer enclosure! They would walk right up to us looking for food!
I think Michael felt a little protective of his snacks.
Michael loved the petting zoo. He got to see goats, pigs, and sheep up close and personal.
He and I went back a second time and held a baby pygmy goat and now I'm sure I need to have one. 
(Sadly, there are no pictures of the little guy.)
Doesn't Michael look like Calvin in his shorts? I love it.
Reading and playing Sunday evening. (And sporting some road rash on his face.)
Monday we spent a few hours at the park near our apartment. We grilled and played and had a great time.
Happy Tuesday, friends. Here's to a good (short) week!

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23. three whole days together
24. sun and lots of time playing outside
25. a happy home for our pup while we are away
26. summertime
27. freedom to live and worship how we choose

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