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Michael's fifth birthday party

*I bought him a Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt to wear for his party, and he liked it but he said he would rather stay in his soccer gear for the party. 
Note to self: five year olds are too cool for party clothes that are on-theme.

A few months ago Michael discovered my old Calvin and Hobbes comic books and quickly became obsessed. We've spent a lot of time reading and laughing together over the books, and when he asked for a Calvin and Hobbes party for his 5th birthday, I nearly teared up. It's just so awesome when your kids love the things you love. So, we threw a Calvin and Hobbes party! And it turned out really fun!
the kids made newspaper hats, played pin the tail on Hobbes, and blasted a tower of cardboard boxes with water balloons from a giant slingshot (very popular activity with the party guests)
our friend made these amazing Calvin and Hobbes cookies!
I did the "artsy" Calvin and Hobbes font
one of my favorite details - the tiger-stripe cake
the excited birthday boy getting ready to blow out the (five!!) candles

We had all his favorites - chick-fil-a and lemonade, cake and ice cream, presents, and lots of play time with his friends. It was a really fun afternoon! 

(The day after the party. Wearing the t-shirt and still thrilled about the cookies ;)

Happy birthday, my precious Michael. xoxo



A few snaps after church on Easter Sunday - still wearing their ties and still smiling! 
These guys (and the pup) are champs :)