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by mtchristi on Polyvore

I'm in love with these boots for Michael. Found a similar pair in his size here

If I had one of these sparkly babies I would wear it every single day this fall.

Just when I thought caramel apples couldn't get any better!

These photos of the starry western sky have me dying to get out in the crisp air.

The colors of fall. Can't you just smell those leaves?


"M" is for Michael

As soon as I saw this pin I wanted to use the idea in Michael's room. When he was tiny I used to sing a silly little song to him with the words "M is for Michael" and he always grinned and cooed when I would sing it. So, the idea had some really tender sentimental value for me. It's also easy and inexpensive, which makes it exactly my kind of crafty. 

Wouldn't this be a cute for a baby shower? See the original tutorial here on Say Yes to Hoboken.

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Life {in Instagram}

True to form, I have almost no pictures from the fantastic weekend we just spent with our closest friends. 
(Oh, you can use cameras to take pictures of people? I thought they were mostly for pictures of food and babies and the sky and stuff. I'll have to remember that.) I kid, but I am sort of forgetting to use my camera in those moments with people I love. I'm afraid I'll regret that someday. Proof that we were all just enjoying the moment, I suppose, and there's something to be said for that. I did take this one while we were all sitting in the shade of a huge pecan tree on Saturday, visiting and watching Michael run around the yard in his boots while the best brisket I've ever had cooked in the smoker. The whole weekend was like that - retelling of old stories and lots of laughter, cold drinks, football, a continuous soundtrack of favorite music playing in the background. Not too shabby.
On our way north we made a stop in College Station so we could show our son around our old stomping grounds. Actually, we needed a pit stop and Tim wanted to pick up some meat from a market on campus, but once we were there nostalgia took over and it was so fun to see Michael running around our beloved old campus. 
Michael's current favorite books: Where the Wild Things Are and The Revenge of the Babysat. I don't think it's any coincidence that he loves them. I'm sure my little wild man identifies with Max and Calvin big time. I found him in the corner of the living room the other morning quietly studying this book with what I can only describe as reverence. I imagine in this picture below he's thinking something like, "It's amazing! This kid really gets me! It's like he put all my thoughts into pictures!" So, his literary choices make me proud, and reaffirm my nervousness about what I can expect from him as he grows into an even bigger, more verbal hooligan.
A few friends and family members have asked to see pictures of the house. Here are a couple from the past week: Michael playing (happily and quietly!) in his playroom, and trying out his new boots in the front hall. The kitchen, living room, and Michael's playroom are clear of boxes, Michael-proof, and looking pretty good! There are other areas that are also free of boxes, but not pretty enough for pictures yet - more to come soon.
A few more randoms from the last week:
Enjoying some yogurt and lots of snuggles one afternoon. Is it possible that he's getting even more kissable than he used to be?? And, I'm still thinking about this stamping idea. I'd like to add some stars to the wall in the playroom, but first I'll have to learn to make a decent potato stamp.
And a couple more from our weekend. Family roadtrips make us happy! 
Ella likes them too, especially when we pick up Sonic and share our fries with her.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! xoxo


Rooms I love

I'm in love with this cool nursery. And the whole townhouse, for that matter.
(We have that rocker too and I love it, but why oh why didn't I order it in the white leather???)



As long as I've known we would have a son, I've imagined him stomping around in a pair of boots with his pup by his side.
(The stripey pjs and bedhead are just icing on the cake.) 
Makes my heart break with love and thankfulness.


Rooms I love

A happy room for your Monday morning!
Hope your weekend was fantastic and you're ready for the week, friends.


Life {in Instagram}

sending Daddy a picture at work / pretty soup / a sunny, smiley morning
apples / tasting every one / our favorite book (we read it a lot)
cheering with Daddy / a rug for the playroom / singing (about his grapes?)
a visit from my brother and his family! / he loves his Baby June / BBQ


nature's jewels
by mtchristi on Polyvore

Happy Friday, lovelies! Just stopping in with a little color inspiration this morning.
It happens every autumn - I fall completely in love with the deep, rich colors found in nature.
They're so beautiful in the space above - and that butterfly print is the best thing I've seen in a long time. So gorgeous.
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


welcome change

     To say that life around here has been crazy lately is an understatement. (Here's an important tidbit about me: I don't handle chaos very well. Put me in a disorganized house with a demanding toddler who is bent on destroying order and I'm really not a happy girl.) I totally recognize that what I'm dealing with here is not a tragedy by any stretch of the imagination, but the last couple of weeks have felt a little bit like treading water (with a very small, very opinionated little person snapping at my heels). Exhausting. Two weeks in this house and we're still surrounded by piles of random things that haven't found a place, my keys are missing, the kitchen sink sprung a leak, Michael is throwing another tantrum...you get the idea. Two steps forward and a few steps back and all that.

     But a couple of days ago the tide seemed to turn a little bit. Michael and I got out of the house  - I went to Bible study and he went to play with some other little ones his age. We had lunch with Tim and had a really good time. We're finally carving out some comfortable, liveable, Michael-proof spaces in the house. This morning Michael and I made a fall wreath and ate apples while a soft storm rolled overhead. He's napping, there's a pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove, and I've got a few minutes to sit and think and write. It's so refreshing, this assurance that a new season is coming just like it always does. That God's word abides and, once again, He's provided us with a sweet family of believers to love. That order is there, under the stacks of mismatched cables and old school notes, waiting patiently as we work our way down to it.

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Hello? Is anyone still reading?

It's been a while, friends, and I've missed you! 
We've been moving, moving, moving. And unpacking, unpacking, unpacking.
It's a huge task, and I'm so grateful that my parents came down over the long weekend to help us paint and put together furniture and sort through endless boxes. Oh, and corral Michael which these days is a little bit like herding cats.

That is a photo of the built-ins in our front hall (I love them!), and even though they still need some work they are by far the most organized and visually appealing part of the house right now, so that's what I'm sharing :) More to come soon!

(Two of my favorite bloggers, Jenny and Jen, are in the middle of moving too.
Check them out for great photos and DIY tips.)