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True to form, I have almost no pictures from the fantastic weekend we just spent with our closest friends. 
(Oh, you can use cameras to take pictures of people? I thought they were mostly for pictures of food and babies and the sky and stuff. I'll have to remember that.) I kid, but I am sort of forgetting to use my camera in those moments with people I love. I'm afraid I'll regret that someday. Proof that we were all just enjoying the moment, I suppose, and there's something to be said for that. I did take this one while we were all sitting in the shade of a huge pecan tree on Saturday, visiting and watching Michael run around the yard in his boots while the best brisket I've ever had cooked in the smoker. The whole weekend was like that - retelling of old stories and lots of laughter, cold drinks, football, a continuous soundtrack of favorite music playing in the background. Not too shabby.
On our way north we made a stop in College Station so we could show our son around our old stomping grounds. Actually, we needed a pit stop and Tim wanted to pick up some meat from a market on campus, but once we were there nostalgia took over and it was so fun to see Michael running around our beloved old campus. 
Michael's current favorite books: Where the Wild Things Are and The Revenge of the Babysat. I don't think it's any coincidence that he loves them. I'm sure my little wild man identifies with Max and Calvin big time. I found him in the corner of the living room the other morning quietly studying this book with what I can only describe as reverence. I imagine in this picture below he's thinking something like, "It's amazing! This kid really gets me! It's like he put all my thoughts into pictures!" So, his literary choices make me proud, and reaffirm my nervousness about what I can expect from him as he grows into an even bigger, more verbal hooligan.
A few friends and family members have asked to see pictures of the house. Here are a couple from the past week: Michael playing (happily and quietly!) in his playroom, and trying out his new boots in the front hall. The kitchen, living room, and Michael's playroom are clear of boxes, Michael-proof, and looking pretty good! There are other areas that are also free of boxes, but not pretty enough for pictures yet - more to come soon.
A few more randoms from the last week:
Enjoying some yogurt and lots of snuggles one afternoon. Is it possible that he's getting even more kissable than he used to be?? And, I'm still thinking about this stamping idea. I'd like to add some stars to the wall in the playroom, but first I'll have to learn to make a decent potato stamp.
And a couple more from our weekend. Family roadtrips make us happy! 
Ella likes them too, especially when we pick up Sonic and share our fries with her.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! xoxo


  1. i often forget to take pics when i'm having the best time too...i only got one when my best friend was in town visiting and it was right before she left!

  2. Michael must be very smart - Where The Wild Things Are is one of my favorites! Also, I think not having pictures of spending time with the people you love is just proof that you were really enjoying yourself without worrying about documenting it. Sounds like it was a great weekend!