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Last year, I spent some time in Seattle and noticed this unusual building in the skyline. 
I never would have guessed what is at the top...
What an incredible place to call home! (I mean, apart from the obvious draw-backs like having to carry in the groceries, heating the place in the winter, and weathering frequent earthquakes 35 stories above Seattle...) Click here for the article and more pictures.

spotted on you are my fave



It's been a long, long day - a perfect time to post a few of my recent faves. I hope they bring you a smile! xoxo
I'm always on the lookout for a good app, and I love this one called Post from Gadabout. With templates for birthday parties, seasonal events, and stationery for notes it's perfect for sending online invitations or messages with a bit of flair. (I'm partial to the girl in the orange dress - so cute!) It's a deal for $.99 - and the blog is pretty fantastic too!
How fun are these polaroid coasters?! They'd make such a cool gift.
And Robert Redford and Paul Newman - just because :)


Homes I love

Bump is beautiful

It's week 14 people, and I am assured by co-workers and friends that I now have a baby bump! (As if I didn't know! The old pants haven't fit right for quite some time now...) So, it's about time to start dressing for a bigger belly. Lucky for me, there are several amazing resources out there that show a girl how to have fun with her new shape and still look young/fun/cute/stylish/slim/etc. Here is one of my faves: cardigan empire. (Thanks for sharing Vanny!) The author Reachel recently did a week-long series about dressing your body type during pregnancy. The looks are adorable. I want them all!


Homes I love

I love the clean, crisp style of this home - the color palette is just gorgeous! 
See the full story here.


Baby Mama!

Yeah, that's me - Baby Mama. I've got a bun in the oven!! We're due in April and couldn't be more excited! Or thankful!

And, in my 12th week now, my energy is finally returning. So I'm back to the blog world, and you can expect lots of baby-related posts in the near future...