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Bump is beautiful

It's week 14 people, and I am assured by co-workers and friends that I now have a baby bump! (As if I didn't know! The old pants haven't fit right for quite some time now...) So, it's about time to start dressing for a bigger belly. Lucky for me, there are several amazing resources out there that show a girl how to have fun with her new shape and still look young/fun/cute/stylish/slim/etc. Here is one of my faves: cardigan empire. (Thanks for sharing Vanny!) The author Reachel recently did a week-long series about dressing your body type during pregnancy. The looks are adorable. I want them all!

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  1. Wish I was close by to shop with you!! You're beautiful, and I know that baby is going to make for a whole new wardrobe for you...just as cute as all your other stuff! Love you sister