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Mama Mia's Maternity Book

Every now and then I come across a creation so beautiful and honest, it makes my heart hurt. Well, here's a precious example: Mama Mia's Maternity Book, an Austin-based photographer's chronicle of pregnancy and meeting her child. I found myself laughing through it, identifying with it, and racing to the end to see the baby (it made the arrival of our little one seem not so far away)! Here's a little snippet, but do yourself a favor and read the whole thing by clicking the link above:


Bags for diapers

Since I've been in the market for all things tiny and cute, I've come to appreciate etsy more and more. When products in the stores seem too plastic and unoriginal I always turn to this site and find what I'm looking for (art for the nursery, quilt for the nursery, pillow for the nursery -  pictures to come soon....) And although we already have a diaper bag, I couldn't resist seeing what was out there in terms of cool bags that will carry diapers and other baby gear now AND continue to work when wipes and sippy cups are a thing of the past. Behold, the (chic, one-of-a-kind, inexpensive, genius) best bags I've found on etsy:

P.S. Here's the bag we plan to use - bought from Old Navy several years ago, I love the ikat print and it's just the right size (and price). We added a changing pad and we're good to go!


I can't wait to make my own version of this genius photo series. So, so sweet. (I love that they caught the baby yawning!)


Map love

Awesome! Spotted on ohdeedoh.


Lay baby lay

I've only been acquainted with this blog for about 20 minutes now, but I am already obsessed. It's full of great advice (see below) and downloads, and it's gorgeous. So nice to know other women are out there learning to be mommies too - and doing it with style and grace. Enjoy!


To: Bun

We had another glimpse of you today - our last ultrasound before you are born! You're big and healthy and strong - we are so thankful for that. You moved the whole time and the ultrasound tech called you "feisty" : ) 
We can't wait to meet you, sweet baby boy! 
7 weeks to go.... 

Rooms I love



I'm totally nerding out over this blog. So gorgeous.

spotted on unruly things

A new era

It rained all weekend,
the snow is gone
and I'm home today, beginning the transition to 
stay-at-home mom.
There are little tiny buds on the trees
and there is a very active little boy kicking around 
inside me, reminding me of the beautiful changes
on the horizon.
Today I am especially thankful for the blessing of renewal -
for the miracles big and small that God performs 
all around me every day.