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Bags for diapers

Since I've been in the market for all things tiny and cute, I've come to appreciate etsy more and more. When products in the stores seem too plastic and unoriginal I always turn to this site and find what I'm looking for (art for the nursery, quilt for the nursery, pillow for the nursery -  pictures to come soon....) And although we already have a diaper bag, I couldn't resist seeing what was out there in terms of cool bags that will carry diapers and other baby gear now AND continue to work when wipes and sippy cups are a thing of the past. Behold, the (chic, one-of-a-kind, inexpensive, genius) best bags I've found on etsy:

P.S. Here's the bag we plan to use - bought from Old Navy several years ago, I love the ikat print and it's just the right size (and price). We added a changing pad and we're good to go!


  1. Girl! This is so weird! I've been thinking about you and wondering what you'll carry!!! Ha! I almost texted you about that today too...what will you carry?

  2. Ha! We have ESP ;) I'll post a picture of what we're planning to carry.