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Picture me {im}perfectly


"She's up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organizing her day....
First thing in the morning she dresses for work, rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started. 
She senses the worth of her work..."

I don't know how many times I've read Proverbs 31 and marveled at the woman described there. She is everything I want to be. If I knew this woman in person I might be tempted to compare myself, and I would not be happy with the contrast. But, thankfully, I know none of us are perfect and God put this in His word because we need the inspiration. There is so much to learn here, and I'm sure I'll spend my life trying to be like this godly woman. 
Right now the passage above really speaks to me. 

Because I love to sleep. Like, really love it. Since Michael started sleeping through the night I love it more than ever. When I have a choice between an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning and...just about anything else, I choose sleep. Which isn't so terrible, but I'd like to be more 'eager to get started' in the morning. To get a little exercise. To spend some time in Bible study. A few quiet minutes with Tim before Michael is up and ready for action. 

Maybe it's time for me to start embracing the early mornings again. With eagerness.


{summer} Homes I love

Welcome, summer!

Good morning! I hope your weekend was as fantastic as it was long.
We squeezed every bit out of this weekend and I have that happy, tired, bug-bitten feeling that can only mean summer is here.
On Saturday we met some good friends at the zoo. Michael and I were totally into the animals the whole time. 
Luckily, Tim picked up the camera and I am so glad he did. I love having pictures of Michael and me together.
These photos were taken inside the deer enclosure! They would walk right up to us looking for food!
I think Michael felt a little protective of his snacks.
Michael loved the petting zoo. He got to see goats, pigs, and sheep up close and personal.
He and I went back a second time and held a baby pygmy goat and now I'm sure I need to have one. 
(Sadly, there are no pictures of the little guy.)
Doesn't Michael look like Calvin in his shorts? I love it.
Reading and playing Sunday evening. (And sporting some road rash on his face.)
Monday we spent a few hours at the park near our apartment. We grilled and played and had a great time.
Happy Tuesday, friends. Here's to a good (short) week!

* * * * * * * * *

23. three whole days together
24. sun and lots of time playing outside
25. a happy home for our pup while we are away
26. summertime
27. freedom to live and worship how we choose



I love the ritual of putting this post together every Friday. Each picture reminds me of a moment that made the week special, and when they're put together they make a mosaic of my blessings. It always reminds me I have so much to be thankful for.
Have a great weekend, friends! xoxo
1 - I wish we'd gotten one of these snack things sooner. It's kind of like a Kong which is perfect for our terrier-like little boy.
2 - This was a proud moment for me :)
3 - Kelle's book, Bloom, was totally inspiring. You should read it. And her blog.
4 - Riding the rails - going to check out Cambridge.
5 - Just looking over the menu at lunch.
6 - We have a great little park right across the street from our apartment, complete with friendly ducks. In the afternoons we like to go feed them.
7 - Looking back. I've been doing that lately.
8 - Another afternoon at the park, kicked back in the best swing ever.
9 - To say that Michael enjoys pasta would be a gross understatement. This is a guy who just ate three plates of spaghetti.
10 - Groceries for the holiday weekend!
11 - Another rainy day, but the three of us went out for a walk anyway and it was beautiful.
12 - Indoor s'mores on a rainy night. So good. (Next time I'm going to try this.)
13 - A picnic lunch at the zoo!
14 - Watching the snow leopard (and growling).
15 - The big kitty. Our favorite. He rolled around and licked his paws and yawned right in front of us. Michael was in heaven!
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19. long weekends with my family!
20. sun in the forecast
21. my sister-in-law's healthy pregnancy
22. a little niece on the way - in five weeks!


I've never liked looking back. I've always preferred to focus on the future. The possibilities of what lies ahead make me happy, so putting the past behind me is usually easy. But I'm a mom now, and sometimes I feel like I live in the past, present, and future all at once. Sometimes it's impossible not to look back. 

At 13 months old, I'm finally weaning Michael. I had planned to stop nursing him by the time he was a year old. But when he was 11 months old we moved. When he was 11 1/2 months old we changed locations again. And when he was 12 months old we moved again. So I kept putting it off to give him some consistency and to ease the transition for all of us. But it's finally time. And my heart is breaking. 

I never expected to like breastfeeding. In fact, if it wasn't so highly recommended by physicians I probably wouldn't have done it, but I felt like I should at least give it a try. Then, he was born and from the very first time I nursed him he loved it. He was instantly peaceful and happy. It usually put him straight to sleep. I could calm him at any time. Sick, hurt, scared, tired, cold, hungry, day or night - I had the solution for all of it and it was fantastic. I wasn't born a nurturer, but in an instant I learned the joy of giving this helpless creature what he couldn't give himself. Nursing him was like giving the most fantastic mama-hug I could possibly give. And I got to look at him and feel him breathing and smell his sweet smell the whole time. I loved it.

I'm not trying to rewrite history here. There were plenty of struggles along the way. There were the usual discomforts for me. There were many nights spent mostly sitting up nursing, crying and praying that he would just sleep for a few hours without needing me. I had planned to do regular per diem work on weekends at the hospital where I had worked previously, but Michael wouldn't take a bottle and consequently I was only able to work for 3 or 4 hours at a time. I gave what seemed like every minute day and night, making myself available to nurse this baby, and now it was taking over the small scrap of what was left of my professional life. I felt tied down, and then I felt guilty when I needed to get away sometimes. The sheer pressure of someone needing me that much was overwhelming.

Sometimes I felt pushed to my limit. But all I had to do was think about weaning him, and I would find the strength to continue. I just couldn't imagine voluntarily cutting that bond with my baby. Not when it brought him so much comfort. Not when so many other mothers struggled to nurse. Not when it connected us. I was grateful and I didn't want to let it go.

Months passed, and we settled into a comfortable nursing and sleeping pattern. By the time he was 9 months old he even started sleeping through the night sometimes. And for the last several months that is where we've been - he would nurse four times during the day and sleep through the night. And I could do that forever. 

Except he's not a baby anymore. So we're moving on. 

Instead of nursing him to sleep I hold him and rock him and sing 'You are my Sunshine'. Instead of praying while I nurse my baby, I pray while I hug my little boy. He puts his sweet head on my shoulder and wraps his arms around me and sometimes he pats my back. A glimpse of all the hugs I will get from him in the future. That makes my heart happy. But a piece of me will always dwell in the past too. As I sing I feel the weight of his little toddler body in my arms and my voice breaks every time.


Sometimes life with this guy is so sweet I can't believe it. 
I'm so blessed and so very thankful.


Happy things and a mini bucket


Today two blogs I adore happened to write about the little things that make us happy (read the posts here and here). Such a fun way to start the day! I especially like Kelle's idea to write a mini bucket list for the week.
So, I'm following their lead and making my own lists.

Things that make me happy
* Mikey's laugh (especially when he shows those dimples and teeth!)
* Clean sheets
* Making plans with Tim - for a meal, a trip, buying a home, anything really
* Funny texts from my sibs
* Watching Michael wolf down his dinner when he's hungry
* Going somewhere new
* Telling stories with old friends

Mini bucket list for this week
* Plan our Father's Day getaway - make hotel reservation.
* Take Michael to the little zoo up the street and let him pet whatever he can.
* Try something new with my camera every day.
* Send a surprise care package to a friend

What makes you happy, friends? What are you looking forward to this week?


Rooms I love

Isn't this little corner fantastic? 
The windows! The sun! That desk!
It's like it was made for quiet and sipping coffee and getting creative. 

I hope you are re-energized and ready to tackle another week, friends!
Happy Monday! xoxo


Happy Friday

Good morning, friends!
Today I am super excited to be guest blogging at one of my very favorite blogs You Are My Fave
while Melanie is spending some time with her precious new baby. Head over and check out my post here!
(Succulents and a tiny cow will be involved.)

As if that isn't exciting enough, Michael also seems to be feeling better today.
Hooray for a healthy baby running around the apartment eating cheerios and stopping to dance when he likes what he hears!! 
It's such a relief to have our happy guy feeling like himself again. I see a good weekend on the horizon...

* * * * * * * * *
1  While we were in Hartford taking care of some things, we took a trip to my favorite old pet store. Michael loved it!
2  Waiting for our table and...
3  ...the best pizza I've ever had! If you ever find yourself in Farmington, CT go eat here. You won't be disappointed.
4  Back in Boston on Saturday, taking a walk in the park.
5  Flowers from my loves. I only wish I had gotten a picture of Michael's sweet smile when he first handed them to me. By the time I got my phone that moment had passed and he just wanted to destroy them.
6  Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and fried egg sandwich. It is just as good as it sounds.
(Paula Deen would have you put cream cheese on it too, but that just seems unhealthy ;) 
7  My sweet husband cooked this delicious brunch on Sunday. Yes that's more bacon. Happy Mother's Day to me.
8  If you ever want to have a perfect picnic in Boston, first go get sandwiches at Monica's Mercato in the North End...
9  ...then walk over to Christopher Columbus Park, find a bench, and share your yummy sandwich with your toddler while he points out all the boats, seagulls, puppies, and other babies.
10  I think he would have climbed right down into a boat if we would have let him.
11  A walk through the North End.
12  On Monday Michael woke up with a high fever, and we spent the day in our pjs trying to feel better.
13  I though he was rallying on Tuesday. Actually, he is just tough and given the right toys (remote control and cell phone) will play right through a 103 fever.
14  Wednesday. Rainy. Sitting in the car while Michael sleeps off a long, rough doctor's visit.
15  Fever cheeks. Poor baby.

Link up at Life Rearranged and play along! 
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* * * * * * * * *
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!