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Happy Friday! We're making a trip back to Hartford today to tie up a few loose ends. 
While I pack up, enjoy a few Instagrams from our week - and link up with Jeannett to play along!
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Michael is busy playing about 99% of the time. 
When he does slow down a bit, he loves to hug. So, I was thrilled 
to catch one of these rare and precious moments on camera.
(Looking at these breaks my heart a little. What am I going to do when he doesn't want to hug anymore?)
On Saturday we packed up the stroller and headed to the New England Aquarium
It was awesome! The highlights were the huge fishes and turtles in the Giant Ocean Tank, 
and the sharks and rays splashing around in the touch tank. 
Michael tried desperately to reach in but I wouldn't let him! 
We've become experts at keeping busy indoors on rainy days. We read, we lay in the tent and sing, we make a game out of doing laundry, we build towers and knock them down, we count and do ABCs. And when all else fails, I let Mikey go nuts with the tent. He loves to pick it up and flip it over, Incredible Hulk style. Already with the testosterone.
Three blessings that bring me more joy than I ever expected: watching Michael devour a meal when he's hungry, 
seeing how happy he gets over the little things like a new ball, and watching Tim and Michael play together. 
Makes my heart so very happy.
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Have a happy Mother's Day, friends!
I'll meet you back here on Monday.
* * * * *
11. new pjs
12. clean water and good food
13. the peace that comes from prayer


  1. At 3 days shy of 7, Gabriel still hugs on me! :-) So, you should have a why to worry about that. I worry about that too, though. I still <3 the football picture! I miss those lil pjs!

    1. Thanks, Sara. I love the football pic too - it made Tim really happy to show Michael some football stuff ;)

  2. What a sweet little guy you have! Looks like you guys have so much fun:) Happy Friday and a happy early Mother's Day to YOU!

  3. Your little one is so cute! I love little hugs as well, the snuggles are the best :)

  4. New to your blog, your little man is so cute. We are big fans of going to the aquarium around here too! And I'm hoping my boys never get tired of giving me hugs!