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Happy Friday

Good morning, friends!
Today I am super excited to be guest blogging at one of my very favorite blogs You Are My Fave
while Melanie is spending some time with her precious new baby. Head over and check out my post here!
(Succulents and a tiny cow will be involved.)

As if that isn't exciting enough, Michael also seems to be feeling better today.
Hooray for a healthy baby running around the apartment eating cheerios and stopping to dance when he likes what he hears!! 
It's such a relief to have our happy guy feeling like himself again. I see a good weekend on the horizon...

* * * * * * * * *
1  While we were in Hartford taking care of some things, we took a trip to my favorite old pet store. Michael loved it!
2  Waiting for our table and...
3  ...the best pizza I've ever had! If you ever find yourself in Farmington, CT go eat here. You won't be disappointed.
4  Back in Boston on Saturday, taking a walk in the park.
5  Flowers from my loves. I only wish I had gotten a picture of Michael's sweet smile when he first handed them to me. By the time I got my phone that moment had passed and he just wanted to destroy them.
6  Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and fried egg sandwich. It is just as good as it sounds.
(Paula Deen would have you put cream cheese on it too, but that just seems unhealthy ;) 
7  My sweet husband cooked this delicious brunch on Sunday. Yes that's more bacon. Happy Mother's Day to me.
8  If you ever want to have a perfect picnic in Boston, first go get sandwiches at Monica's Mercato in the North End...
9  ...then walk over to Christopher Columbus Park, find a bench, and share your yummy sandwich with your toddler while he points out all the boats, seagulls, puppies, and other babies.
10  I think he would have climbed right down into a boat if we would have let him.
11  A walk through the North End.
12  On Monday Michael woke up with a high fever, and we spent the day in our pjs trying to feel better.
13  I though he was rallying on Tuesday. Actually, he is just tough and given the right toys (remote control and cell phone) will play right through a 103 fever.
14  Wednesday. Rainy. Sitting in the car while Michael sleeps off a long, rough doctor's visit.
15  Fever cheeks. Poor baby.

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* * * * * * * * *
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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