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Just like that...

...our precious boy is here.

Michael Roque Garcia
Born April 16, 2011 at 6:13 am
7 lbs 12oz, 21 inches


The nursery

A few details are still unfinished, but for the most part the nursery is ready for our little man! It's a mix of styles and ideas, but I think it turned out just right. Inspiration came from the colors in these rooms...
...and the desire to include woodland animals in our nursery. (Even though it's been done to death lately, we couldn't resist "putting a bird on it". Haha!) Here's how it turned out:
alphabet print ink tree press
number print trendypeas
fox pillow cover by yellow bug boutique
gulliver crib from ikea
print by sugarfresh
mobile by petit collage
joya rocker
slipcover by aunt fox designs, fabric by joel dewberry
gulliver changing table from ikea
prints by letterpress


When the maternity clothes don't fit anymore...

...it's time to have a baby. There is no way I'm buying bigger clothes now! I'll wear a bathrobe until delivery before I buy more maternity clothes. And our due-date is still two weeks away...that's not a good sign. *sigh*  (Is it obvious that I'm getting a little impatient here?) 

I'm trying to keep things in perspective - I've had a very easy pregnancy, and even now my list of maladies is short. I fully believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, made gestation the perfect length of time (for me, anyway). It has taken me the full nine and a half months to absorb the shock of getting pregnant, enjoy the wonders of pregnancy, come to grips with the reality that a new soul is on the way, and finally be so ready to meet said little soul that I am wishing for labor. Incredible. I never, ever thought I would wish for labor. So, I'm thankful that I've had all this time to get ready, but there are definitely some things I'm looking forward to:

eating sushi, rare beef, soft cheeses...the good stuff
wearing belts (around my waist - NOT my ribs)
power yoga
pants with zippers and buttons
breathing through my nose again
walking at a reasonable speed
sleeping on my back
or my stomach
or however the heck I want

On the other hand, I'm sure I will miss:

little feet poking out of my side
his hiccups every time I eat
this (relatively) simple form of taking care of a baby
doing things according to my timetable 

I debated, but have decided to include this most un-flattering self portrait because I think it really hits the last-few-weeks-of-pregnancy nail on the head: I feel like I've become a tiny little head orbiting around a ginormous belly. It's time! We're waiting! Come on, Bun!!


Jesus's prayer for His followers

I'm saying these things in the world's hearing 
   So my people can experience 
   My joy completed in them. 
   I gave them your word; 
   The godless world hated them because of it, 
   Because they didn't join the world's ways, 
   Just as I didn't join the world's ways. 
   I'm not asking that you take them out of the world 
   But that you guard them from the Evil One. 
   They are no more defined by the world 
   Than I am defined by the world. 
   Make them holy—consecrated—with the truth; 
   Your word is consecrating truth. 
   In the same way that you gave me a mission in the world, 
   I give them a mission in the world. 
   I'm consecrating myself for their sakes 
   So they'll be truth-consecrated in their mission.

 I'm praying not only for them 
   But also for those who will believe in me 
   Because of them and their witness about me. 
   The goal is for all of them to become one heart and mind— 
   Just as you, Father, are in me and I in you, 
   So they might be one heart and mind with us. 
   Then the world might believe that you, in fact, sent me. 



Good morning! It's been a while, but here are some recent favorite things from around the interwebs. Hope they bring you a bit of inspiration, or at least bring a smile to your face!
Bibs made from old t-shirts - genius! (I have got to learn to sew...)
Best workspace EVER via black eiffel
A gorgeous country wedding where the bride carried strawberries in her bouquet (and that dress!) via you are my fave
Cute ideas for a baby shower spotted on oh happy day
Adorable forest creatures from eve's little earthlings spotted on unruly little things
Even though the next season is delayed until 2012, Mad Men will always be one of my faves - sigh

These days...

...there are tiny clothes in the house...
...I am BIG, and not too comfortable anymore...
...Ella spends her time keeping vigil in the nursery...
...or right on my lap. We're waiting for you, little one! Xoxox