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Scratch map. I have to have one.


Mad mod moment

All of the promotion leading up to the recent premiere of Season 4 of Mad Men has left me completely obsessed with the show. I mean, I already loved it - the story, the characters, the production design, the clothes, the drama, Don {sigh} - but at this point I am embarassingly hooked. ( Just look at them! I can hardly stand it! ) It's starting to affect my taste - this season it's 1964, and I am loving all things mod.
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elle decor
elle decor

P.S. How have I never heard of Orla Kiely until now?? I love her prints!!


Out of the woods

Has God ever led you through the woods and brought you out to a beautiful sunny place? I have just had such an experience. First, I studied and thought about nothing but a stressful licensing exam for five weeks. I took the exam, was afraid I failed, and the next day Tim and I got on a plane home to Texas. In the days that followed, when I normally would have been obsessing like crazy over the results, God relieved my mind and filled me up with precious friends, laughter, fun, music, dancing, good food and the love of my family. I got my results {passed!} with my parents standing right next to me and we hugged and cheered and celebrated together. 

God is so good.
His timing is perfect.
His ways are perfect.
He looks after our needs and gives us the joys of our heart.
I am so, so thankful.


Happy 4th!!!

Wishing you sun 
and green grass 
and popsicles 
and laughter
and fireworks. 

Have a great weekend!! xoxo


I want to go to there

 I love these travel posters from the 1930s when Montana was still the old west. This time of year I always want so badly to be there...

(Thanks to design mom for the link to the Library of Congress's digital image files.)

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