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the boys

I can't believe it's been three months since my last post about the boys! In some ways they have changed so much in that time, but a lot of that change is sort of intangible. Let's see if I can put some of that into words....

They've become more like peers in the last few months. Each one wants the other as soon as he wakes up. Sometimes they play so well together and can't stop laughing with each other (usually over something naughty like Sam picking his nose or somebody acting up during a prayer). Of course, they've also started bickering quite a bit too, and sometimes I have to separate them or command them to ignore each other - didn't expect to arrive at this stage so quickly.

Michael continues to grow up before our eyes. He becomes more confident all the time, easily navigating social situations that would have sent him running for our arms just six months ago. He used to shy away from attempting new things in school for fear that he wouldn't get it right on the first try. He still struggles with this from time to time, but a little encouragement and the successes he's had over the last several months have done wonders for him. He loves to write, read (sounds out many words on his own), loves to count and do his preschool math workbook, and he's really proud of his hard work when he's finished. It makes us so happy to see that seed taking root in him. He has a couple of good buddies at church, and it's so precious to see them hugging and talking and playing. He also notices the girls and occasionally talks about which one he will marry (he thinks giving a girl flowers is how you marry her - oh, my heart.) Lately he's wrestling with some very heavy stuff like growing up, death, and heaven. We try our best to give him gentle, direct answers, but it's heartbreaking to see his innocence slipping away. On the other hand, the other night he smiled and said "after my life I'm going to fly up to heaven with God" and it was all I could do to choke out an "amen". This is a whole new level of joy, seeing him develop faith.

Sammy has changed so much in the last few months, too. Right after Christmas he decided to stop nursing. He was already falling asleep on his own, and he has continued to be a good sleeper (except for a few very rough patches with teething and sickness.) He's at that cute stage where he'll rattle off an entire story complete with facial expressions and hand gestures, but we'll only catch some of the words. He's a good communicator, though, and he's assertive about making sure he is heard. He answers most questions with a firm "no" and it's safe to say that he has entered the "terrible twos" phase.

Here's a little more about them:

Michael - 3 years and 10 months

Latest skills: snapping, blows his own nose, does simple addition, sounds out words, wants to do most things without help

His spirit: thoughtful, careful, independent, tender-hearted, imaginative, adventurous

Words: "I'm thinking about being a deep sea diver when I grow up."
             "You're my best mom I've ever had."
             "Why did the tissue dance around? Because somebody put a boogie in it!"

Loves: playing with his friends, school, Bible class, reading, making up stories, running, playing tag, books, movies, painting, playing outside, gardening, Ralph the Mouse (the books and his stuffed mouse), talking

Best way to make him laugh: slapstick, funny voices and faces, tickling, running from Sam

Doesn't love: being put on the spot, chaos, lots of noise

Habits we're trying to break: losing his temper, throwing things when he's mad

Aspirations: to go to Paris (he actually talks about this a lot)

Samuel - 1 year and 6 months

Latest skills: running smoothly, going up and down stairs, using a fork and spoon, gargling and spitting after he brushes his teeth

His spirit: happy, content, sweet, likes to share (most of the time), likes to play rough, gets a kick out of annoying Michael sometimes

New words: thinks it's funny to call me "Meemaw" (Mommy inverted), dee-don (donkey), nack (snack), more please, poopie, hold you, boom (to describe any type of injury), tee-go (tickle), prayer, yellow (usually used in the right context), flower, car, truck, Dear God (with hands folded to pray), excuse me, yeah, okay, all gone, sit down, sings some ABCs, crocodile, "cuggle" (cuddle/snuggle and read a book)

Loves: playing with Michael and Daddy (running, wrestling, laughing), dancing to music, hearing Daddy play guitar, his cowboy boots, wearing hats, running around naked after his bath, eating, playing outside, reading books, snuggling, being hugged and kissed

Best way to make him laugh: tickle him, nibble his cheeks

Doesn't love: the vacuum cleaner, visiting new Bible classes, sitting still or being quiet in church

Habits we're trying to break: throwing toys at Michael, hitting Michael, high-pitched shriek that annoys Michael

Aspirations: to climb onto every flat surface in the house