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And the winner is...

...Newport! Thanks to my family for playing along with my survey about what we should do with our free day while they're in town this May. I think everyone will get to do a little bit of what they want to do in fabulous, sunny Newport. 

We can hike out to this lighthouse and climb around on the rocks...

...shop and sample yummy foods at the Wharf...

...and enjoy a picnic at the beach.

And, for anyone who is interested, there is an abundance of fresh, delicious seafood everywhere you look. Yummm.

I recommend this site for more information (and pretty pictures!) I can't wait to see you guys!! We are going to have such a great time! xoxo

(UPDATE: Another great source. Thanks, Vanny!)


Showers of blessings

I have had the most wonderful, possibly perfect, Saturday. I slept in (relatively) late this morning, and then had breakfast and a devotional with some amazing women from my church family. I did a little shopping and scored some amazing plates on sale at anthroplogie:

(At first glance they appear to be just normal, respectable, neutral dinnerware. But on closer inspection...


...lizards and leaves and vines!!!! I can't explain how much I love these, or how pleased I am with the deal I got.)

But, back to my perfect Saturday. While I was out this morning enjoying myself, my sweet husband ran errands and bought food, and his bolognese sauce has been simmering all day. Heavenly. The rest of the day has been spent walking our sassy pup, taking care of our home, jogging, listening to music, and just enjoying being together.

It's another one of those days when I feel so blessed my heart overflows with thanksgiving. It happens to me a lot lately, and I find myself wondering, why me? I know so many people who are struggling - with relationships, addiction, career, faith, money, health - and we are blessed over and over again. I don't know why God has blessed me so generously, but I am humbled and thankful and I know this much is true:

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded: and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Luke 12: 48

Thank you, Father, for the blessings You pour over me and my family. I know that every good and perfect thing is from You and no one else. Give me the strength to honor You with my life and use Your blessing to Your glory. Amen.


Happy friday!

Enjoy yourself!!! xoxo


Shelf love (I'm serious)

I have a bit of a thing for built-in bookshelves. I'm constantly finding myself attracted to rooms, and often when I look a little closer I find built-ins! Is it the order, the function, the way they turn a wall into art? Like most infatuations I can't explain exactly what I love about them, but I must have them in our next home! Just look how gorgeous:

LOVE how the shelves frame the window seat. I would definitely read in this room.

So pretty! It's like book wallpaper!

Shelves in the kitchen for cookbooks - genius!

P.S. Most of these photos came from isuwannee, a blog that regularly features bookshelves!


The yin and the yang

I love how design has the power to change my mood. I am drawn to all of the spaces featured below, as varied as they are in style and composition. They're all in one post because they have one thing in common: they all either soothe me or fill me with energy. I bet you can tell which ones belong in which category...



Out for a walk

As is our custom, Ella and I went for a walk the minute I got home from work this afternoon. It's a cold, drizzly day up here in Connecticut, but the air is sweet and there are signs of life everywhere...


Happy spring

Happy first day of spring everyone! The crocuses are out in New England - beautiful!

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Weekly highlights

Hello friends! Another weekend is just around the corner and spring is in the air - life is good! Here are some of my faves from the last week or so. Enjoy - xoxo

I love postcards and I love growing plants.  What do you get when you cross postcards and plants? Green postcards. Genius.

I LOVE this post just as much for the pictures as for the clever title "i want to go to there". (30 Rock! Holler!) These photos make me absolutely desperate for an adventure to a far off place. In a good way.

More great design from Scandinavia. Check out bungalow for colorful textiles of all kinds. I like the kitchen towels.

I'm totally enjoying desire to inspire and their weekly feature pets on furniture cracks me up (a lot of the design is good too!) Here's a shot of my own little pet on furniture. Can you tell that she thinks she's a human too?

And finally, a totally cool site about naturally occurring color - thanks for sending it babe!


Kathryn Ireland

Oh gracious, I am in love with Kathryn Ireland's designs!! The color! The textures! Love it all!

Photos below from her home in Ojai and other projects (I'll take one of each, please):

Her book:

And some of her fabrics:


Sweet dreams

I dream of a cabin in Montana, out on the edge of the world. The night air is cold and the wind whips over the hills, but inside it is warm and cozy and bright.

In spring the view out the front door is of blue sky and wildflowers and snowcapped mountains.

In the mornings we will eat our cereal in the sun and watch for deer outside. We will hike and fish and build forts and play with the dogs, and turn brown from all the sun.

On warm summer nights we will splash in the river and play games on the banks, and the sun will stay out until after bed time.

Little voices will giggle from bunk beds next to open windows...

...while grownups laugh and tell old stories and drink coffee and enjoy the peace and sweet scents in the air.

And when the days grow short and the nights are cold again, we will come inside and talk and read and warm our feet by the fire.