Daily Reads


And the winner is...

...Newport! Thanks to my family for playing along with my survey about what we should do with our free day while they're in town this May. I think everyone will get to do a little bit of what they want to do in fabulous, sunny Newport. 

We can hike out to this lighthouse and climb around on the rocks...

...shop and sample yummy foods at the Wharf...

...and enjoy a picnic at the beach.

And, for anyone who is interested, there is an abundance of fresh, delicious seafood everywhere you look. Yummm.

I recommend this site for more information (and pretty pictures!) I can't wait to see you guys!! We are going to have such a great time! xoxo

(UPDATE: Another great source. Thanks, Vanny!)


  1. Ooooh!! Yeay! Sounds like a perfect day to me :) Now, what to wear? Something that will hike well, photograph well and munch well...
    Thanks for your research :)
    can't wait!!

  2. YAY! I can't wait. I want to eat crab meat and push some unsuspecting person into the ocean. Just kidding! April Foools! But I am excited :) I LOVE Newpert.