Daily Reads


Sweet dreams

I dream of a cabin in Montana, out on the edge of the world. The night air is cold and the wind whips over the hills, but inside it is warm and cozy and bright.

In spring the view out the front door is of blue sky and wildflowers and snowcapped mountains.

In the mornings we will eat our cereal in the sun and watch for deer outside. We will hike and fish and build forts and play with the dogs, and turn brown from all the sun.

On warm summer nights we will splash in the river and play games on the banks, and the sun will stay out until after bed time.

Little voices will giggle from bunk beds next to open windows...

...while grownups laugh and tell old stories and drink coffee and enjoy the peace and sweet scents in the air.

And when the days grow short and the nights are cold again, we will come inside and talk and read and warm our feet by the fire.


  1. Chris, this dream is BEAUTIFUL! Can I be in it?!!!

  2. Of course you can!! It's for all of us : )

  3. My favorite dream so far!!! Love it and can't wait to have all the cousins inside laughing, and all the siblings telling stories and laughing too :) Already a good memory to me, just waiting for it to all happen. Let's start next christmas!!! AHHHHHH!!