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Highlights and gorgeous whites

Happy Friday everybody (almost)!! Another weekend is upon us - here are some of my favorite little bits from around the web from the last week or so. I hope they bring a smile to your face!

fabulous birthday surprise! I can't wait to try it out on someone I love...

I can't get enough of this color combo right now. So fresh! So springy! (And I love those shoes.)

I laughed out loud at this funny post about Paris in the spring. It's dead on. Gotta love those too-cool-for-sunlight Parisians.

...and more proof that Jeff Bridges is the second most adorable man alive. *sigh* (Thanks to the most adorable man alive for passing it along :)


How amazing is this room? There are individual elements that don't totally appeal to me, but the way it is put together is genius! A total feast for the eyes AND efficient use of space! Love the tons of built in shelves, and the adorable guest room up the ladder above the kitchen.

Pure genius from Black and Spiro

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