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Hello friends! Another weekend is just around the corner and spring is in the air - life is good! Here are some of my faves from the last week or so. Enjoy - xoxo

I love postcards and I love growing plants.  What do you get when you cross postcards and plants? Green postcards. Genius.

I LOVE this post just as much for the pictures as for the clever title "i want to go to there". (30 Rock! Holler!) These photos make me absolutely desperate for an adventure to a far off place. In a good way.

More great design from Scandinavia. Check out bungalow for colorful textiles of all kinds. I like the kitchen towels.

I'm totally enjoying desire to inspire and their weekly feature pets on furniture cracks me up (a lot of the design is good too!) Here's a shot of my own little pet on furniture. Can you tell that she thinks she's a human too?

And finally, a totally cool site about naturally occurring color - thanks for sending it babe!

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