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Where I've been

It's been almost three weeks since my last post, and they have been long on fun 
(family, vacation to the Cape, sun, food, playing, relaxing, the beach, Mikey) 
and short on sleep (teething, sleep-training, Mikey). 
Here are some of the pictures I took along the way (using instagram - I'm hooked!) 
Enjoy! xoxo
We rented a great little cottage in Wellfleet. 
It was a short hike from our house to the beach.
The view at the end of the hike.
 Dad snapping some pictures.
Michael loved spending time with his Gigi...
and Papa.
He learned so much in one week - reaching and grasping,
rolling, scooting...
and a little move we call 'the scorpion'.
We did all our favorite things, like picnic at the pond...
going into town to shop...
cooking lobsters for dinner...
and spending time at the beach.
It was so amazing seeing everything through Michael's eyes
(he loved watching the water with his Dad)
And Tim and I even got away on our first date in months while my parents watched Michael - thank you Mom and Dad!

My favorite times were the long conversations over meals, lazy mornings drinking coffee and playing with Michael, movie nights, walks in the neighborhood - and there are no pictures of these, unfortunately. But it was a wonderful trip - such a blessing for all us to have that time with my parents! We love you guys!!