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the boys

A quick update on the boys. They're best buddies and most of the time they play together so sweetly. Each one asks for the other as soon as he wakes up. Recently, when they've been playing with other kids, I've caught Michael protectively putting his arm around Samuel and "helping" him play with the big kids - made my heart burst with love and pride. More than ever they keep us laughing (and our hearts breaking) with their precious sweetness.

Michael - 3 years and 7 months

Latest skills: Reads some words (the, boy, zoo, box, fox, toy, it), can sound out most short words with some help, cuts with safety scissors, clears and scrapes his plate after dinner, writes his name clearly without help

His spirit: sensitive, kind, cautious, imaginative and thoughtful

Words: "I'll pretend my pee is fire retardant."
"I can't watch what I say. I don't have eyes like a chameleon."
"I'm getting a signal. (pause) It's Jesus. (pause) He says I should eat my dinner."

Loves: school (most days), Bible class, doing projects of any kind (building, crafting, taking pictures, making little videos), playing with kids his age (especially in small groups), Gigi and Papa, facetiming with cousins, running, pretending, traveling, any kind of adventure, praying and saying what he's thankful for, Ralph the mouse, Sammy, laughing at physical comedy and Sammy's antics

Doesn't love: loud hand dryers, loud/pushy people, being hurried to do anything

Habits we're trying to break: being a perfectionist, being rude to strangers that talk to him

Samuel - 1 year and 3 months

Latest skills: speed walking (it's almost a run), climbing, naming body parts, imitating Michael

His spirit: joyful, playful, patient

Words: hello, bye, please, thank you, eat, hat, book, milk (sounds like "buk"), dog ("gog"), tickle, blanket ("bee"), banana ("blabla"), get down, all done, bath, baby, diaper ("biper"), apple ("bapple"), bible (he prefers to yell this one really loud during prayers at church), amen, round and round, no, bubble, makes animal sounds, sometimes strings a couple words together like "bubble again"

Loves: when Dada comes home in the evenings, reading short books, wearing ball caps, carrying my old baby doll, his blanket, copying Michael, eating, chasing Michael, doing "cheers" with his drink, giving fist bumps, tickles, being held and snuggled (especially when I'm making dinner), Michael, Daddy

Doesn't love: being told no, the vacuum cleaner

Habits we're trying to break: throwing food, throwing toys at people, throwing tantrums (they've started already!), nursing (down to twice a day)

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