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Tuscany - Castiglion Fiorentino and the Pienza house

While we were staying in Pienza we took a day trip to Castiglion Fiorentino, the town where Tim studied abroad during college. We hiked around town (those hills are no joke!), played in a park, stopped for lunch, and took pictures. It was a sweet trip down memory lane for us, remembering that semester apart fifteen years ago, and all the letters we wrote to each other. It was especially sweet to return together with our boys. 
We spent our last two days in Tuscany just hanging around Pienza. We knew we had a very long day of train travel ahead (Pienza to Florence by car, Florence to Milan by train, and Milan to Zurich by train), and we wanted to give the boys as much play and nap time as they could get before traveling again. That was hard. For the first time on the trip Tim and I felt like we were missing out a little bit. I have wanted to visit Lucca for years, and Tim would have loved to spend time in Montepulciano and some of the other hill towns in our area. But in the interest of well-rested, happy children we chose to stay put in Pienza, and in the end I think that was the best choice. 
For the last two days we re-visited our favorite restaurants and shops, picked up a few souvenirs, savored the food, and took lots of pictures. I found myself getting nostalgic before we'd even left. I had looked forward to this trip for so long, I hated the thought of leaving. Luckily, we could look forward to our next adventure, in Switzerland, to distract us...

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