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Tuscany - Pienza

Obligatory door pictures. I know it's cliche and I don't care - they were so pretty!

It's hard not to get bogged down in the pictures from Tuscany. I want to include them all! But I'm trying hard to choose the ones that show it best, and have the most meaning to us. Below are a few from Pienza. I loved this town. It was just beautiful and exactly what I hoped for, but I'm almost sad looking at the pictures because they don't do a good job of capturing the place. The cool, shady streets. The delicious smells drifting out of restaurants and shops. The lovely sound of Italian spoken all around, pigeons fluttering and cooing, church bells ringing...I tried and tried to put Pienza into pictures so we can keep it forever, but I suppose that's one of the reasons this part of the world is so enchanting. It can only be fully appreciated by being there and experiencing it with all the senses. 

The Cathedral and Piazza Pio II /  Porta al Ciglio
Our favorite little grocery store / proud Michael and the souvenir he earned
one of my favorite meals at one of our favorite places
the edge of town and the Val d'Orcia beyond
the south side of the Cathedral / a pretty little lane
yummy lunch at another of our favorite places
Yummy food everywhere / two little monkeys, happy to escape from a restaurant
running around the piazza / the Cathedral and piazza from another view
Tuscan kitty, living the good life / Sammy, trying his best to run in the piazza

There's still more to share from Tuscany, and then the final leg of our trip - Switzerland!

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