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When the maternity clothes don't fit anymore...

...it's time to have a baby. There is no way I'm buying bigger clothes now! I'll wear a bathrobe until delivery before I buy more maternity clothes. And our due-date is still two weeks away...that's not a good sign. *sigh*  (Is it obvious that I'm getting a little impatient here?) 

I'm trying to keep things in perspective - I've had a very easy pregnancy, and even now my list of maladies is short. I fully believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, made gestation the perfect length of time (for me, anyway). It has taken me the full nine and a half months to absorb the shock of getting pregnant, enjoy the wonders of pregnancy, come to grips with the reality that a new soul is on the way, and finally be so ready to meet said little soul that I am wishing for labor. Incredible. I never, ever thought I would wish for labor. So, I'm thankful that I've had all this time to get ready, but there are definitely some things I'm looking forward to:

eating sushi, rare beef, soft cheeses...the good stuff
wearing belts (around my waist - NOT my ribs)
power yoga
pants with zippers and buttons
breathing through my nose again
walking at a reasonable speed
sleeping on my back
or my stomach
or however the heck I want

On the other hand, I'm sure I will miss:

little feet poking out of my side
his hiccups every time I eat
this (relatively) simple form of taking care of a baby
doing things according to my timetable 

I debated, but have decided to include this most un-flattering self portrait because I think it really hits the last-few-weeks-of-pregnancy nail on the head: I feel like I've become a tiny little head orbiting around a ginormous belly. It's time! We're waiting! Come on, Bun!!

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