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Happy things and a mini bucket


Today two blogs I adore happened to write about the little things that make us happy (read the posts here and here). Such a fun way to start the day! I especially like Kelle's idea to write a mini bucket list for the week.
So, I'm following their lead and making my own lists.

Things that make me happy
* Mikey's laugh (especially when he shows those dimples and teeth!)
* Clean sheets
* Making plans with Tim - for a meal, a trip, buying a home, anything really
* Funny texts from my sibs
* Watching Michael wolf down his dinner when he's hungry
* Going somewhere new
* Telling stories with old friends

Mini bucket list for this week
* Plan our Father's Day getaway - make hotel reservation.
* Take Michael to the little zoo up the street and let him pet whatever he can.
* Try something new with my camera every day.
* Send a surprise care package to a friend

What makes you happy, friends? What are you looking forward to this week?

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