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Hello? Is anyone still reading?

It's been a while, friends, and I've missed you! 
We've been moving, moving, moving. And unpacking, unpacking, unpacking.
It's a huge task, and I'm so grateful that my parents came down over the long weekend to help us paint and put together furniture and sort through endless boxes. Oh, and corral Michael which these days is a little bit like herding cats.

That is a photo of the built-ins in our front hall (I love them!), and even though they still need some work they are by far the most organized and visually appealing part of the house right now, so that's what I'm sharing :) More to come soon!

(Two of my favorite bloggers, Jenny and Jen, are in the middle of moving too.
Check them out for great photos and DIY tips.)


  1. I am still reading and am dying to see more pics of the new house. Also, the herding cats video...I show it to my students every semester to compare it to managing a classroom full of kids!

    1. Thanks, Alli! I'll share more soon. Isn't the video the best? Makes me laugh every time :)

  2. I'm still reading! I love your shelves...and I LOVE the basket on the left. It looks like the baskets I brought mom from Kenya years ago. Happy moving in, Chris!

    1. Thanks, Aim! You brought us that basket from Kenya! I love it too :)