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Birthday week

On Tuesday our little guy turned two! It was kind of an unusual week - Tim was out of town on business, and we weren't having Michael's birthday party until Saturday, so we ended up having a low-key celebration that lasted all week. It was just right for Michael at this age, because while he loved being the center of attention at a big bustling party last year, this year he's happier to have excitement (and crowds) in smaller doses.
We had a "special day" at the zoo on Tuesday. He was so excited to go to the zoo - and to face forward in his carseat! 
He loved seeing the animals. On this day he was especially into the sharks, the crocodile, and the monkeys. 
He was so excited to go to the airport to pick up Daddy on Thursday. Michael talked about it  all week. It was the sweetest thing. On Friday morning we sang Happy Birthday and Michael opened presents. The play kitchen was a hit! And that afternoon cousins arrived! They picked right up the way cousins do, and played non-stop until bedtime. I think that may have been my favorite part - seeing Michael so happy to be with his cousins, and the sweet way they played and laughed together.
On Saturday we had some friends over and had a little birthday party. I was so busy running around I didn't get good pictures, but we had a great time. I made Michael an Octonauts cake (his favorite), and filled the party with as many sea creatures as I could. He loved it! He got a pet fish and an Octopod playset - that's about as good as heaven for him :) After the party (and naps) we spent the rest of the day visiting and playing outside. Michael got to play in the sprinkler for the first time with his cousins, and he loved it even though he kept getting "grasshoppers" (grass) stuck all over his feet :)
(Thanks for sharing this picture, Amy!)
I'm so thankful we got to share the weekend with people we love. Michael's still talking about Gigi and Papa, and Leah and Logan and baby Brady, and asking to blow out the birthday candles. It was a very special week.

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