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space for our little man

space for our little man

I'll be 21 weeks along tomorrow (!) and this baby is starting to really make his presence known. My belly is growing (so much more quickly than with Michael!) and he is kicking and moving almost constantly, it seems. Sometimes, during the moments when I forget that I'm pregnant, Michael will come to me and ask to kiss the "baby in the tummy", which makes me melt, and gets me thinking that it won't be long at all until he's really here! Then, on Monday we had our 20 week ultrasound and we got to spend 15 blissful minutes looking in on our little guy, watching him kick and move, and falling in love with his precious little profile. Suddenly, it's time to start putting together a room for this boy!

We'll reuse the rocker and the crib (and the changing table) from Michael's room. (He'll be moving up to a real big-boy bed soon.) The walls in the nursery will be white, so I'm thinking of painting the crib a light grey to add a little contrast. I wanted to bring some yellow into the room and when I found this soft throw at Target I picked it right up. The solar system print isn't something I would have planned to put in a nursery, but it seems like just the kind of picture an infant will love to look at, and I love the colors, so the print has been ordered and is on its way. That isn't the name we've chosen (cute, though!), but I love the font and the colors in this name print, so I plan to order one once we've settled on a name. I'm still on the lookout for an attractive, affordable window treatment for the room, but I feel like we're on our way to having a special spot ready for this little boy.
I already can't wait to meet him.

(Here's his sweet profile, in case you wanted to have a look :)

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