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Remember this photo? I spotted it on Little Green Notebook last fall and loved it. I've been thinking about refinishing a wooden chest of drawers in a similar color and adding brass pulls - seeing this photo again reminds me where I got the idea and has convinced me I need to do it! I love the effect and think it will bring a ton of warmth and color to our living room which has a similar neutral rug and wooden floors. Stay tuned for before and after photos!


  1. Oh my gosh. That is so stunning. And if it's the old dresser we all used at one time or another- CHARGE ON! That would look AMAZING!!!!

  2. Hi! You asked about San Diego... we were actually only there for two days, sans baby, but still managed to fit a lot in. The Bilboa Park is BEAUTIFUL and there are a bunch of museums to check out. We walked around the park for a good 3 hours, and could have easily spent the whole day. We stayed in the GasLamp district which fun for walking around, cafes and boutique shopping. We went to Coronado for the morning - but would love to have spent a night there. Such a quaint and beautiful little resort town. Lastly, we toured the massive US MIDWAY. I am normally not very interested in military history... but the ship is so big and has so many interesting stories behind it. Plan for at least 3 hours - and it would not be stroller friendly. Very cool, though. I think a toddler would love seeing all the planes and stuff. Have fun!