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Easter weekend

Easter morning - I love this picture of my guys so much! (Enough to ignore my crazy Houston-hair and post it anyway.) 
And a picture of my other little guy - 17 weeks along and the bump is starting to grow!
He's frowning in both pictures but he really was having fun! 
(getting breakfast tacos before church and having an Easter egg hunt with friends)

Well, we've just had the most beautiful weekend! After months of long hours and hard work, Tim had the day off Friday. Michael was also feeling well for the first time in a month of ear infections, tummy trouble, and viruses, so we we made every minute of our three-day-weekend count. We did as many of Michael's favorite things as we could - that meant going to the zoo (he LOVED it!), playing outside at every chance, Easter egg hunts with plenty of chocolate, sunshine, bubbles, music, breakfast tacos, and playing with friends. We slept well, we ate well, we reveled in just being together. And, on top of it all, we celebrated our risen Savior. I feel refreshed in every way, and so thankful for the rich blessings in my life.

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