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Michael turned four

Somehow, my baby turned four (almost a month ago!!). I didn't get weepy or long for the baby days or any of that. 
I was able to just enjoy this awesome stage that is four-year-old Mikey. Everything is exciting. Everything is an adventure. It's pretty great.
 Balloons are a good way to start the day :)
Enjoying his breakfast and decorating his own cupcakes. (He requested that I let him do the cupcakes.)

In true form he dreamed up an elaborate Wall-E themed pizza party with his friends, so the weekend before his birthday we did our best to make it happen. We played some robot games, ate outside in the sun, enjoyed cake and ice cream, and opened presents (Michael was just barely able to wait for that part. Barely.). It turned out cute and really fun, and Mikey loved it.
 Happy birthday, Michael! It's a joy and blessing to watch you grow. We love you!!!

(Michael at three (party), two (birthday week), onejust born, and birth story. Ok, now I'm a little weepy.)


  1. Chris, you're SUCH a good mommy! Attentive, caring...SO good at your job! Congratulations on your promotion to being the mom of a four-year-old! Such a great step in responsibility!