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Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday, friends! 
I hope you're feeling refreshed from the weekend. I didn't accomplish as much as I had planned (cleaning and organizing the whole house - a tad delusional on my part). Instead I did a sane amount of cleaning and organizing, we cooked, we played, we rested and we spent time with some good friends. Looking back that seems like the better choice. I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle my growing to-do list! Here are a few snapshots from the last few days. 

Michael has been having a blast with this box and packing paper. He crawls in and out, in and out, and plays peek-a-boo when he feels he has a worthy audience. After a week he's still excited every time he sees it across the room! 
We're eating waffles all the time since we discovered this.
They're surprisingly good!
'This is Paris' avec ma bebe.
I parted with my little greenhouse yesterday - we'll be moving around and won't have a place to plant our sprouts until later this summer. I was sad to let them go. Luckily, they went to a good home where they can lead a full, happy life. ;)

Have a great week! - xoxo


  1. If I had a kernel of the energy that Michael has crawling in and out of that box, I could move a mountain with a teaspoon.

    good post :)

  2. Love this! Looks like a grand weekend :) Mikey's gonna be in heaven once you do get to Houston with boxes gallore!-- he'll be older then too. Eeeee!

    1. I know - he'll get to continue the grand old Colwell tradition of moving and then making good use of the boxes :) Thanks for the comment, Vanny :)