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I see them everywhere. In the grocery store. The airport. The coffee shop. At the park.
Moms like me with one hand on the stroller, and an iPhone in the other, taking little snapshots of their world.

A bunch of them are here - InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged! Yaay!
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So, this is Houston in late March. It is just as wonderful as it looks.
(Don't get too jealous - we will pay with sweat and tears during the long summer months ahead.)

I feel blessed to be staying in one of the most walkable areas of Houston. Mikey and I put a lot of miles on the stroller this week. Here we are, doing a little shopping. He's not into it.

The park is much more his speed. He wants to play with every kid he sees.
He's walking a lot now, but he can't keep up with the big kids yet. 
It won't be long, though. See that look on his face? That's the eye of the tiger.

Just happy to be out in the warm fresh air.

I've started an inspiration board in our little apartment. (Thanks for the idea, Melanie!)
True to its name, it really does inspire me to have a little bit of color and pretty to look at.
And see that little cap hanging on the corner?

It's Michael's first ball cap.
He is so deliciously cute in it I took about 100 pictures.
But I won't bore you with all of those here. I'll stop at one.

Okay, maybe one more. 
In case you wanted a better look at that sweet little cheek.

We're back in the land of barbecue!

I don't know if it's my imagination, but the smell of smoked meat seems to make Michael really happy and hyper. 
I know that's what it does to me.

A tender moment between father and son, celebrating Michael's first taste of brisket.

Teething, and it has been rough this week. The last two came in without any drama, so I wasn't prepared for all the turmoil with the two that are coming in now. Here's hoping they break through soon!


That's about all for this week. Have a fantastic weekend, friends!


  1. what a cutie pie! looks like our LO's might be around the same age. i sure wish we were in the land of bbq. we're in the land of salads and more and more vegan restaurants popping up. boooo!

    1. Hi Kristin! Yeah, we're definitely meat eaters, so Texas is a good place to be :) How old is your little one? Michael will be 1 in two weeks - eek! Thanks for the comment - looking forward to checking out your blog!

  2. Just found your blog! Your little man is a doll and you are so cute!!

    1. Thanks, Kaylee!! Nice to meet you - I'm heading over to your blog now!

  3. I'm visiting from life rearranged...
    Your little man is precious! Oh, and the dress you are wearing in the picture while you are out shopping is so cute!
    Happy Friday!

  4. Oooo.... I love brisket. So glad your son got to taste it too!! :) The last picture is absolutely adorable!! :)