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Rooms I love

If this isn't cool, I don't know what is.
(Also, I can't look at a beautiful room anymore without immediately picturing my son destroying it. I look at this and I'm thinking, "First we need to clean off the coffee table, move the print to a higher spot before he tears it, then move the terrarium before he eats all of the dirt and plants in it. Can he reach the guitar? Can he tip over that potted palm tree? Is zebra stain resistant?...")


  1. Ha, ha! I love that you think the way I do about design. There was a day when a room like this would stay like this... frankly, life is more fun with some eaten dirt anyway!

    1. I know you're right - there will be many more plants and fistfuls of dirt (and worse) that he will eat. The sooner I make peace with that, the better off I will be :)