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This morning

...I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to get things done. The long weekend is behind us, I am without a car today and we'll be staying put, so nothing seems too urgent. While Michael naps I'm having a second cup of coffee, catching up on some blog reading, and reveling in all the inspiration.

I'm a big fan of Hip Paris. These two recent posts (Kid-friendly travel and What to do with one month in Paris) have me longing to get back to the City of Light. (We don't have a trip planned, but I have already spent way too much time picking out which apartment we will rent from Haven in Paris.)

And, speaking of Paris, check out these adorable party animals that Jordan made for her son's birthday celebration. Just too cute!

And, speaking of birthday celebrations, it's only 52 days until Michael's first birthday party! (I may or may not have downloaded a countdown app just for this occasion.) I'm working on making one of these for him to wear on his special day. Spiffy, but not too spiffy to get cake and frosting all over it :)

And, speaking of special days, this post by Kelle made my heart swell. I just love how all of her posts are woven from beauty and sincerity. Every one of them is pure goodness.

And, speaking of goodness, here are a few pictures from our long weekend. 
Michael and I had lunch with a friend on Friday and then we took a walk outside. 
It was cold, but he didn't mind.
Wrestling with his Daddy and Mozart.
Who's stalking who?
After church and an afternoon with our small group we went to the market 
and stocked up on lots of yummy food...
...which I dipped in chocolate.
My favorite shot of the weekend.
These guys love their music :)

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! xoxo


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    1. Don't toy with me! :) Really though, wouldn't it be wonderful?

  2. What a fun time the three of you seem to have! It's great to see you are exposing your son to music early on- so important to us as well!

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the comment! I just read your 6 month post about Emil - made me laugh and what a cutie he is! Can't wait to read some more of the blog.