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Are you on Pinterest? I am (find me here), and it has been a huge source of inspiration and fun! I love trying out the recipes and DIY projects that I pin. Some turn out to be a disappointment (like this cake), and others make me wonder how I ever lived without them! (Like this recipe for cilantro lime chicken - it is fantastic, and easy! The chicken cooks in the crock pot for six hours, then we serve it with black beans and spanish rice, and it is so, so good.) So, rather than keep them to myself, I'll be sharing some of my 'prize pins' here from time to time. 

Today I found one of my favorite pins, to date - ABC scripture cards. This one got me excited because although Michael and I read from a Bible story book every day, I am excited for him to learn real scriptures and not just the stories. This project is great, even for a very little one. There is one short scripture for each letter of the alphabet in an attractive, colorful template. 

I started by printing the scriptures onto cardstock, then laminated each page. 
Next, I trimmed the edges and cut apart the scriptures. I punched a hole in each one and put them on a ring. Easy as pie, and it took under an hour (counting the time I spent chasing my rug-rat around and pulling him down off of various furniture).
And it includes a bit of encouragement for the card-reader, too.
Now the fun part - sharing the words of life with my sweet baby :)

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  1. I explored your pinterest recipes and stole the slow cooker barbacoa recipe, I used venison instead of beef since my freezer is full of venison, it was delicious! Thanks!

  2. Hey Jill! Glad to hear you liked it - I haven't actually tried that one yet, but I figure anything that involves barbacoa and a slow cooker can't be bad ;) Hope y'all are well - we miss you! Hope to see you soon :)

  3. Great post---I love how you put them on the key ring so you can't lose them:)

  4. I actually have those scripture cards downloaded on my computer! Thanks for reminding me so I can print them out and start using them! Love em!

  5. Love this idea! How do you go about memorizing each card? I'm really bad at memorization, and still working through a goal I had 2 years ago to memorize the sermon on the mount. I'd love to hear your memorization tips!