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Love the place you live

I'm so excited to link up with Love the Place You Live at Design Mom today! 
It couldn't have come at a better time! We've been in Boston since Wednesday night, and after settling in for a few days we couldn't wait to head in to the city to do some exploring on Saturday. I'm dealing with several technical issues at the moment (no wifi, forgot to pack the camera battery charger, camera battery is of course dead), so all I have are a few snaps from my iPhone, but I think you'll get the idea. We got out and got familiar with the public transportation system, had some great food, and enjoyed a lovely saturday in the park.
So, if you take the T into Boston you may run into any number of Revolutionary characters. 
Here we have Paul Revere catching up on some emails during his commute.

We are fortunate enough to live two minutes walk from a station on the orange line, so it was easy as pie to hop on a train into town. Michael loved the noise and bustle of the train, so that made the 16 minute trip into town even better! We got off at Downtown Crossing, grabbed some yummy lunch from Falafel King on Winter St. and headed over to the Commons.
We walked for a bit and finally found a spot to sit and enjoy our lunch. 
Here is Michael, really enjoying his first taste of falafel. This boy loves food!
After lunch we walked across the Commons to the Boston Public Garden, which is gorgeous and full of blooms right now. It was especially fun for our little one who wants to walk all the time now. He tottered along, stopping to sniff flowers, point at other babies, and pant every time he saw a puppy. 
He walked and walked and walked.
He didn't even care to look at the ducks in the pond, he was so focused on walking the park.
Such a pretty day. 

Before we got back on the train to come home (and I wish I had taken a picture of this, or at least remembered the name) I had an ice cream sandwich from a food truck at the southwest corner of the Public Gardens. And not one of those dinky little sandwiches in the wrapper. It was a huge sandwich made right in front of me and it was amazing. You can bet I'll be looking for that truck again.

So, there you have it. Us loving the place we live!
Hope your Monday is off to a great start, friends.


  1. You make me want to visit Boston! There is so much interesting history in that area!

    1. So true, Emily! I'm a total nerd for the Freedom Trail. It really is an amazing city!

  2. Oh, I really want to go to Boston, if for no other reason than to see Paul Revere checking email.