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...about Michael.

The boy loves food. *All food. And he'll try anything.
This amazes me because until I got to college I never tried new foods. New foods terrified and disgusted me.
But not this kid. He's fearless. Or maybe he's just that hungry.
*One exception is broccoli. But then, who really likes broccoli?

He loves other kids. It doesn't matter if they're young or old, male or female, playing quietly or engaged in a rough game of soccer. If there are little people around, he wants to interact and he will walk right up (no awareness of social boundaries at all) and either stare or get right into the action. These days he seems to be putting a lot of his energy into trying to run. 
I think he's mainly motivated by his desire to keep up with other kids and dogs.

A couple of weeks ago I started counting things with Michael in the voice of the Count from Sesame Street. ("One...two...three...three Cheerios! Ah-ah-ah-ah!") He started imitating the "ah-ah-ah-ah" laugh whenever we would count things, and now he does it all the time and in the funniest (wrong) contexts. Like, I'll hand him a toy to play with in his carseat and if he doesn't want it he'll throw it down and do the Count laugh, "ah-ah-ah-ah!" And today when he woke up from his nap, he didn't cry or babble. He just stood in his crib doing the Count laugh until I came in to get him up.

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