Daily Reads



It's InstaFriday, friends! Here's a little peek at my week. It's been full to the brim with blessings, and I'm thankful for every single one. Click over to Life Rearranged to play along!

1 - My baby eating tortillas and beans and loving it.
2 - Wide open skies. It's good to see the horizon again.
3 - My love affair with Sweet's coconut cupcakes continues. They. Are. Heaven.
4 - A quiet little country road outside of Brenham. It smelled so sweet and there were butterflies everywhere!
5 - Michael's first taste of sauerkraut ice cream. I guess the cold took him by surprise?
6 - A day at the zoo with friends. Aren't these three precious?
7 - This poor goat gets petted by rowdy little hooligans all day, every day. Can you see the weariness in his eyes?
8 - My own little hooligan, going in for a pat on the head.
9 - Playing some drums at the zoo. (Thanks for the picture, Jill!)
10 - Hand twins. Oh, how I love these hands!
11 - A gorgeous night and a trip to the park. Starting the holiday weekend off right.
12 - This little monkey would rather climb up the slide.

Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo


  1. Love the beautful photos! Your little guy is so sweet. I am wanting one of those cupcakes!

    1. Thanks, Jo! Trust me that the picture doesn't do it justice - that's the best cupcake of my life. And I've had lots of cake! :) If you're ever in Houston, go get one. You will not be sorry!

  2. The zoo was lots of fun but, I think our next outing should involve that cupcake shop....looks yummy!

    1. Yes, we could definitely have some fun at that cupcake shop! :) It's a deal - let's head over there when we get back to Houston!