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...that have already made this week fantastic - and it's only Wednesday!!

* * *
Michael and I met my Mom in Brenham yesterday. Michael lit up when he saw her - we've been talking on Face Time and he seemed excited to have the real Gigi in front of him :) We shopped, we had lunch, we went to Bluebell and had ice cream. And it was the perfect time of the year for a drive through the country - I've never seen Texas looking so pretty (see above). 
It was a really special day!

* * *
We spent part of our Sunday with some very dear, old friends and their sweet girls. 
Have you ever moved to a place where you don't know anyone? I have. 
And it is so much more fun when you move to the same city as friends you love!

* * *
Michael is more obsessed with Ella than ever before. He totters around after her trying to land a good pat on her head. 
He has also taken to scolding her and sharing his toys with her. I think it is precious. Ella just wants to nap in peace.

* * *
I hope your week is off to a great start, friends! xoxo

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