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Good morning out there!
I can't believe another week has come and gone but here are the pics to prove it.
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1 - Michael has been clingy lately (read: attached to my leg or some other part of my person at all times). Maybe because of all the changes and moving around? Or maybe it's just his age? Here he is deciding if he wants to go join some other toddlers playing on the green near our apartment. (About a minute later he joined them - and a had a lot of fun!)

2 - For his birthday, Michael received a play tent from his Aunt Amy and family. It is one of his favorites (he has taken to drinking his morning milk in here every day) and I have to admit, I can't resist it either. This one is so cute I'm already designing Michael's future playroom around it.

3 - Friday evening and heading over to the green to play. I just love seeing these two together.

4- Saturday in the park! The Boston Commons and Boston Public Gardens were gorgeous - these orange tulips were my favorite. See a little more of our outing in the park here.

5 - My loves, all handsome and ready for church.

6 - Family picture! 

7 - Hot phó on a cold afternoon. Mmmmmm.

8 - I don't usually get hung up on stuff. Or, I try not to anyway. But one look at this little beauty from anthropologie and I was in love. (It's not online! I'm praying it will still be in the store when I can get back to it. Did I mention that in my head I've already decorated our next home around this piece?)

9 - This bath picture is brought to you by the number 2. (And I love when he smiles big enough for his teeth to show.)

10 - He had never seen clover before. We picked and sniffed for a while. I love being there to show him little things like that.

11 - Just taking care of business on a thursday morning - walking around the apartment, drinking milk, wearing his bib as a cape.

12 - I hated to miss NFL draft night but my toes really needed some TLC ;)

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I'm so excied for the weekend! 
We have some good friends coming to visit and we've got plans to get out and enjoy Boston. 
What are your plans this weekend? I hope it's a good one, friends! 

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  1. What a wonderful week it looks like! Everyday joys are my favorite!