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Hello, friends! I'm back!
It's been a very, very full week. Just see for yourself.
One of the many things I love about Austin - donuts and breakfast tacos from the same restaurant.
And they were just as good as they look.
Friday night my parents kept the kids and me and all my sibs (and most of our spouses) saw Delta Spirit downtown. 
The lead singer was a young Johnny Cash incarnate *swoon*. We had a great time.
On Saturday we had Michael's first birthday party at my parent's house in Austin.
At one point I looked around the living room and saw so many people I love, I thought my heart would burst. 
It was awesome, and Mikey had a great time.
Me and the birthday boy. Oh, how I love him.
(The rainbow photo booth didn't turn out quite as good as I hoped, 
but I learned some valuable photo booth lessons for next time.)
A lot of creatures find their way into your pool in the Texas Hill Country.
This one was unusually pretty.
On Monday Michael turned one and we left Texas to return to Connecticut.
I couldn't help but post an old photo from the day he was born. 
And later that day, one of him entertaining our fellow passengers on the plane. 
It's amazing what a difference a year makes.
Tuesday the packers came and put our whole house into boxes.
It was also one of the prettiest spring days I've ever seen.
(Don't you wish there were trees that stayed pink all the time? I do.)
Wednesday the movers came, and we drove up to Boston for the next phase of our great transition.
Today Michael and I got out and did a little exploring in our new neighborhood.
It's beautiful so far!

It's been such an eventful week. I find the same old paradox is true over and over again - 
when my life is most interesting, I have no time (or energy) to blog.
Now that we are settled, I plan to be here a lot more often.

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your weekend is full of goodness.

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  1. Happy Friday! Visiting from Life Rearranged's InstaFriday. :)


  2. Your little birthday boy is just precious! :) Happy Friday!

  3. You have alot of amazing photos! I really like the photo of you and your son with the balloons. Its so adorable.

  4. Your lithe guy is adorable! Happy 1st Birthday! A rainbow photo booth? So fun!

  5. Happy Friday ! Love all the pictures visiting from life rearranged.

  6. New here from InstaFriday. Pretty pictures. Your little man is so handsome. Hope you enjoy your weekend!