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Rooms I love {and some ramblings about the weekend}

Good morning, lovelies! How was your weekend?
Ours was pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. My parents came to town. We grilled out, played in the pool, stayed up watching Olympics and chatting, danced to Motown during breakfast, smothered Michael with love and attention, went to visit our house-to-be and poked around a little bit (I hope the neighbors weren't watching - but we couldn't resist!), had a really fun evening with good friends, went to worship together on Sunday morning, and lunch with friends Sunday afternoon. 
Pretty standard for our life lately, and I LOVE it!! Blessings, blessings everywhere. 
My heart is overflowing with thankfulness.

On another note, last night I made a couple of surprising discoveries. 
Michael has two new molars (so that's why he's been especially "challenging" lately!),
and there is a teeny little lizard living in our bedroom. Well, there was a teeny little lizard living in our bedroom. 
I took lots of pictures, and toyed with the idea of letting him stay since he was probably controlling the bug population in our home. Ultimately, when I imagined him scampering across my face in the still of the night, I decided he had to go and my sweet hubby kindly released him into the wild. Texas. So many little critters. 
(I have this uneasy feeling that the cute little lizard was the first of many, 
and that there are lots of less-cute things to come.)

Finally, I came across this room on pinterest this morning and fell right in love.
Oh, the things my son would do to this room.
(Off the top of my head: build some sort of structure he could climb to get at those animal heads mounted on the wall, 
get his head stuck in the beautiful bedframe, put marks and stains of unknown origin all over the snowy white linens, 
mash crayons into the cowhide rug....)

Happy Monday! xoxo


  1. a chalkboard wall?! what a great idea for a kids room!

  2. what a great room! that rug...and wall! oh my :)

    xo, amanda