Daily Reads


A song

Have you ever sung in a stairwell? 
Loud and clear with people who have voices like angels? I have. 
It may sound a little crazy but it's a beautiful thing, with the music ringing all around you.
This makes my heart ache to do it again.
(spotted on nat the fat rat)


  1. Ahh! I have had this on my Youtube play list for months...and I sent the link to Lethe and Katie and begged them to revive our trio as "Two Mormons and a White Girl". LOVE these women. Good share, Sweetgrass Christi!

  2. P.S. find a secret stairwell away from our family and round up Bubba and Aim...I'd be in for recreating this next weekend. In a heartbeat. I know what you mean about longing to sing.

    1. I would LOVE to!! Can't wait to see y'all :)