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My number one fave this week? The summer Olympics! 
Every night we settle in on the couch with snacks and get totally into the competitions. It's so fun!
(A fave within a fave: our ladies gymnastics team. How cute are they?! They make me proud!) 

My new friend Erica featured me on her blog which was awesome (thanks Erica!), 
but I love her post about forgiveness even more.

Wise (and funny!) advice about careers and blogging from the great Joanna.

 Minted has the cutest moving announcements. Can you guess which one we're getting?

Cheeky inflated/deflated balloons. A good friend of mine took this idea in another direction for her husband's birthday - she sent a ballon to each of his friends, asked them to write a birthday message, and then deflate the balloon and send it back. She inflated them all again for his birthday. Cool, right?

And a colorful reminder of what it's all about. 
(I'm using it as the wallpaper on my phone!)

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  1. My favorite is the women's gymnastics too! They are amazing! so sad for Mckayla last night!

    Hope you have a great week! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!