Daily Reads


There's something kind of wonderful about a great workspace.
When I was in graduate school and studying for my board exams the right spot could make the difference between a mediocre day and a creative, stimulating, productive day. And it's still true! A beautiful workspace focuses my mind, fills me with ideas, and makes me want to sit right down and create.

This little table and chairs did that for me. When I looked at it I saw art projects and playdoh, puzzles, and lego towers. So, I've been thrilled that it seems to have the same effect on Michael! He loves to sit at his table and stack his blocks and play with puzzles. (There's been a decent amount of climbing on the table too, but we're working on that....) 
In the photo above he had just finished lunch and he went straight to his table, 
climbed up in his chair and started writing like it was his job. Just taking care of business.
Makes my heart happy :)


  1. there IS something wonderful about a great workspace! our two girls would also agree. LOVE this table and chair!!!

  2. What a cute picture! I am the same with needing a certain type of work area to really focus. But for me, the less beautiful (therefore less distracting) the better. My best study spots were deep in the library stacks :)