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I don't mean to keep posting bathtub pictures, but the light is so nice in there, and more importantly, when he's playing in the tub he can't run away from the camera. And, he's just so cute splashing around in there all naked. So it's kind of a magical combination for us. (I promise, we do play outside of the tub. Sometimes.)

So, this little nugget will be 19 months old on Friday. I find it hard to believe for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it seems like in an instant he changed from a little ball of a newborn into a boy who wipes his hands on his shirt and tries to catch lizards and loves to sit up front and "drive" the car. It seems, at times, like he's growing up faster than he should. He repeats everything - this morning I told him I loved him and he said "I love you" right back for the first time. I was impressed with how well he is talking, but before I could even get out a "good job!" he grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me on the lips. I was instantly the happiest and most heart-broken woman in the world. 

He loves me. And he's growing up. And I can't do a thing to stop it.

Not that I would want to stop him from growing up. It's just a shame that this precious version of him will be gone soon, and replaced by another and then another....

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  1. Oh man oh man! The first time he said he loves you! That is monumental. I can feel my own mama-heart breaking over here!

    Also, YES the lighting in your bathroom is gorgeous. As is your subject. He is such a beautiful little boy, Christi!

    And I clicked to see the newborn pictures of him and thank you very much I think my left ovary just sighed at the sight. You know that little newborn baby stretch they do when they curl up everything on their body and arch their little backs... man, do I miss that!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Yes, that stretch thing they do - it's the best. I miss it too.

  2. Aww that must be so incredible to here and he's absolutely adorable : ). Xx

  3. You do such an amazing job of capturing his sweetness in all of these pictures! You've created a beautiful place here on this blog to treasure all these precious days--happy 19 mo. :)
    (visiting via the MMM link-up)

  4. How sweet! Love the bathtub pics, especially the last one. He looks so very very happy. Enjoy your little man now and you'll be just as smitten with him as he gets bigger too, I'm sure.