Daily Reads


Ever since I saw this garland I've wanted to make my own (less-sparkly) version for Thanksgiving. Yesterday I was able to put one together with materials I already had in the house and it only took about an hour and a half - here's how I did it. 

First, I chose a simple, bold font in Word (this is Optima ExtraBlack). I enlarged the font to 400% and adjusted my margins so each letter would fit on a 5x8 notecard. Before printing I set the effects to 'outline', then I printed my letters on notecards. I cut each one out and used a glue stick to glue them face-down on the back of the patterned papers I wanted to use. After giving the letters a few minutes to dry, I cut out each one. I pressed them under some heavy books overnight and this morning I used a little dab of superglue to attach them to a ribbon. 

And that's it! It was quick and easy and I love the visual reminder to always give thanks.