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Season of light

The last couple of weeks have been long. Tim's hours have been long, our days at home have been long without him, 
and every evening the darkness comes a little earlier. We've done our best, but at times it's been dreary. 

But every year, just when it's getting too cold and too dark, little lights start appearing in windows and bare trees. And suddenly we've made it to my favorite time of year - the season of light. I used to see it as two holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas - but now I see it as one. The season starts with a week of thanksgiving for all of our blessings, and gives way to a whole month of pouring out blessings on others. We love because we are loved. We give because much has been given to us. What a beautiful thing.

Tim is off for the rest of the week, and we're reveling in just being together. Tomorrow we will head to Austin and join my family for the rest of the week. My heart is full. I am so very thankful for the rich blessings in my life. 

Wishing you much love (and good food!) this week - happy Thanksgiving, friends! xoxo

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