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My blog friend Lauren, of Crumbbums, has included sweetgrass in her nominations for the Liebster Award! 
If you don't know her yet, stop over to check out her sweet (and funny!) blog. Thanks, Lauren!
Favorite band/musician?
Ooh, this is hard. I love a little bit of everything, but a few of my all-time favorites are Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, and Otis Redding.

What is the household chore you secretly enjoy (or don’t mind) doing?
I really love doing laundry. Even thought it's one of those never-ending tasks, all the sorting and neat folding really satisfies my obsessive compulsive tendencies. And it smells good!

If you had to choose one place to live for the rest of your life, where would it be?
Montana. I grew up there and consider it my home state, even though we live almost 2,000 miles away. It's one of my dreams to live there one day.

In lieu of the upcoming holiday; pies: pumpkin or pecan?
I love pumpkin (with plenty of cool whip), but my man likes pecan so we always have both. The only thing better than one pie is two pies, right?

What are your favorite things to place atop a burger? 
Bacon, mayo, and avocados. It's not healthy but it's soooo good.

Do you believe in ghosts?
I believe there is a spiritual realm that we can't see. And I know and trust people who believe they have encountered ghosts. I don’t know if those two things overlap, and I’ve never met a ghost myself, but I believe it’s possible that ghosts exist. 

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how did it happen? 
My nose. When I was eight or nine I did my first and only back flip off of the rings on our swing set. I did not stick the landing.

Wearing socks to bed: do or don’t?

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment thus far?
Being Michael's mom. Every time I serve him a good meal and he wolfs it down and his little belly gets round and full. Every time we share a new experience and his eyes light up. Every time we put him to bed clean and warm and full. There's no doubt that the days are long and sometimes very hard, but being his mom makes me more proud, and gives me more fulfillment than anything I've ever done. 

What do you consider the funniest part of parenting? 
How unfiltered Michael is. There's no political correctness, no pretense, and no shame in a toddler. His words and his expressions are absolutely honest. If he meets a person who seems crazy, he stares at them like they're crazy. If he doesn't like a bite of food he spits it out. If he needs to go the bathroom, he stops right where he is, does his business, and then goes back to playing. He crashes around the house, partially-clothed with bedhead and food smeared on his face, wearing his Easter bucket as a hat (kind of like this little cutie). Hilarious. 

How do you take your coffee (this is important, you know, so I can buy you the right one when we hopefully meet- or meet again- someday)? Mmmm, a steaming hot latte is my favorite! With something sweet on the side, of course.

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Thanks again for the nomination, Lauren! If sweetgrass wins I'll be back with some blog nominations of my own! 
Have a happy Monday, friends - it's a short week!!! xoxo

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